Secrets to Wind Down and Manage Stress.

All in the Mind – topics toward positive change How can you wind down to manage stress? The one thing you can control is the way you think. Stress is...

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We are what we think – Food for thought!

What have you been thinking about lately? What do you feed your mind? Unfortunately much of our entertainment is laced with death and destruction. Our subconscious does not sort out...

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Essential Steps toward a Positive Life Path

Racing car drivers warn that if you wish to avoid something in your path, whatever you do, keep your eyes off it! It would serve us well to keep this...

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Is yours an Inner beauty or an Inner ugly?

Water molecules change according to their experiences! Dr Masaru Emoto proved this by examining frozen water molecules. Beautiful snowflake patterns are found in water from pristine environments, but these molecules...

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Key Benefits of Discovering Gratitude

Did you know that being grateful could make you not only happier, but healthier as well? Each day tell someone three new things you have experienced that day that helped...

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Inspire Yourself – Think Beautiful Positive Thoughts

Imagine this…. You have two seeds to plant in the soil. One is corn, the other is Deadly Nightshade (the name says it all). The soil doesn't care which you...

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Has the Secret of Life been found?

HAS THE SECRET OF LIFE BEEN FOUND IN NORWAY BY DEVON TEAM? Exeter, Devon (4.11.2014) – A farmer’s daughter from Devon is part of a UK team unveiling a startling...

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Share Your Truth

I recently watched Oprah interview Brene Brown, the author of Daring Greatly. “Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence” says Oprah who lives her life in the face of vulnerability. Oprah...

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Hypnosis vs Counselling Alone

Are you wondering what will help you overcome your anxiety, fears or addictions? Like many people you may have tried lots of different ways to help yourself. Maybe you have...

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