Share Your Truth

Share Your Truth

I recently watched Oprah interview Brene Brown, the author of Daring Greatly.
“Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence” says Oprah who lives her life in the face of vulnerability. Oprah can be breathtakingly real and open. She says that is what makes the difference to her connection to her audience. She aims to live as a whole hearted person and take the risks. Really we are just like everybody else and allowing vulnerability gives you confidence. What you really need in life is to be more of your self. What does this mean? Daring greatly is to show up and be seen.
Brene discussed the the following comments related to her research into what people believe is vulnerability.

People want to hear that you are there for them. Don’t be the one who avoids that call and feels ashamed when you see them a few months later at the shops.

There are times when everyone needs support. We are all vunerable at times. Listen, Listen, Listen.

First date after my divorce
Trying to get pregnant after my third miscarriage
Sitting with my wife who has stage 4 breast cancer making plans for our young children
Phoning a person who has had a great loss.

I believe it is valuable to be authentic. This is along the same lines as the above discussion on vulnerability. It includes the concept of lightening up on your self judgement. You see if you believe you always have to be right, when you make a mistake, you take it out on yourself, beat yourself up! If you can let it go, accept that you are human, you can accept others when they are less than perfect. It opens the door to you being more realistic, and having better relationships with others.

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