Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Clients stop smoking after the first session without the side effects felt from other programs. As part of the package, Cathy offers a second session to support clients should unresolved issues eventuate.  “People self-medicate with smoking. They use it as a coping mechanism. I help my clients uncover their personal reasons to have developed the habit in the first place. This is an individual personalised approach, different to those offering group hypnosis with a recording that everyone listens to without privacy and subject to distraction . At times it is important to release blockages prior to doing the freedom from smoking session. Its like having the preparation in place before you do the painting on your wall. Get it right the first time.”

“Hypnosis is the most effective way to give up smoking.”  New Scientist

Why don’t you get the truth when you ask for help?

Will Power alone – only 28 % succeed

Using Nicotine Gum – only 6 % succeed
Using the Nicotine Patch – only 6 % succeed
Champix (major side effects) – only 3 % succeed
Zyban (major side effects) – only 4 % succeedAcupuncture – only 49 % succeed

Hypnotherapy – 90.6% succeed


How effective is hypnosis?

(Results of comparitive study by Americian health magazine)
 Psychoanalysis 38% recovery after 600 sessions  
Behaviour therapy 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessionsAwakening Hypnosis LLC.

Quit Smoking Affirmations

•     It is safe for me to succeed and be smoke free.
I am creating a new healthy smoke free life.
I deserve to be healthy, happy, and smoke-free forever.
I know I am worthy of a happy smoke free life.
I love me enough to let go of my relationship with tobacco.
I easily release any attachment I have to smoking.

•     My lungs need air not smoke.
My muscles need stretching not cigarettes.
My stomach needs nourishment not nicotine.
My brain needs stimulation not a stimulant.

•     I am a nonsmoker. I set a good example to those around me. I smell fresh and clean when I hug my children/spouse/mate. I am a nonsmoker!

•     I am now and forever smoke-free.

•     I am a calm and relaxed non-smoker.

•     I choose to breathe fresh air into my lungs.

•     I have clean, clear and healthy lungs.

•     I deserve to be and am now smoke-free.

•     My breath, my clothes, and my hands feel and smell fresh and clean all the time.

•     I breathe easily and without effort because my lungs are healthy and clean.

•     I am living a long and healthy life free of my vices.

•     My body is becoming healthier and healthier, as I continue to be smoke-free.

•     I feel healthier and younger than I ever have before.

•     I look and feel great.

•     My breathing is improving each and every day.

•     I choose good health

•     I enjoy eating because my food tastes better that it ever has before.

•     My body is cleansed and purified.

•    I choose only to put healthy things into my body.

•     The energy of health flows freely throughout my body.

•     I am in control of my life.

•     My body is free of toxins.


And some more


  • Without cigarette body poison my body will quickly repair
  •  Every day as a stopped smoker it gets easier and easier better and better.
  •  I will remain calm relaxed and cheerful better and better.
  •  Everyday I will be, more calm, more clear, and more composed.
  •  I don’t need or want body poison any more or any longer.
  • Smoking was not an addiction just a suicidal habit.
  •   If I am offered a cigarette I will refuse it and hear the words smoking is body poison.
  •  Smoking is finished and stopped for me now.
  •  I am a permanent stopped smoker.
  •  No anger, no emptiness, no stress, no smoking.
  •  No hunger, no anger, no stress, no smoking
  •  No smoking, no smoking, no anger, no stress
  •  Smoking is finished and gone forever for me now
  •  Better breathing, better health, no smoking
  •  Smoking is body poison, no more smoking.
  •  No more body poison, no more smoking.
  •  I have stopped smoking never to start again.
  •  No more need, no more desire to smoke anymore.
  •  Never turning back to that body poison.
  •  It is easy to stop smoking and I will do it easily.
  •  No stress, no anger, no turning back, no more smoking
  •  Every day I feel more physically fit and more relaxed.
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