Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

“The shocking truth about diets- that you must know if you want to lose weight!”

the missing piece of the puzzle is finally revealed…

If you are sick and tired of trying every type of diet and depriving yourself of the food you enjoy, only to stack the weight back on again, then I expect by now, that you’re screaming inside for some answers.

You see, it’s all very well for personal trainers and diet companies to go on about eating less and exercising more, but what they are not telling you is why it is not working for you. The answer may surprise you, let me explain….

This is the real reason

You see, the reason that the diets and exercise don’t work long term is because you are fighting a fierce battle with your own subconscious mind- and guess who wins?

It works like this – if you have some unresolved emotion or internal conflict that needs sorting out, your mind will force you to eat – to fill the emotional void it may feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall sometimes but the good news is that I can help you take away all the pain once and for all .

Here’s how

As a qualified and registered hypnotherapist, I can help you to deal with the unresolved emotion that is forcing you to stay over weight.

Afterwards, you will no longer need to deprive yourself of the foods that you love, because your own mind will regulate your appetite and your speed in which you burn up your food which you are eating. That is just the start because you will also:

feel great about yourself
love like and approve of yourself
enjoy your life more
break free of barriers that you used to put in the way of happiness
and be able to get on with your life in a way that you never imagined possible

With a holistic approach to weight loss, Cathy’s clients have the benefit of individualized support and advice. This may require ongoing support, but great results come even after the first session.

“I help my clients uncover their personal reasons to have developed the habit in the first place. This is an individual personalised approach, different to those offering group hypnosis with a recording that everyone listens to without privacy and subject to distraction”

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

HYPNOTHERAPY is a revolutionary approach to losing weight and keeping it off. It’s not new, it is a proven method.
Clinical research has shown that when hypnosis is added to weight loss plans it increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment; and increased the effectiveness of the post treatment plan by146%. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1996)

Diets often don’t work! The craving and the emotional eating are still in charge. The answer lies in changing our response to signals from the brain or behavior modification to stop self-sabotage. Stop the battle to lose weight by listening to your body, charging your metabolism and changing your mind!
Read success stories.

Gain Weight And Restore Your Health

Due to habits and the belief system you have established in your subconscious mind, you may have a past or present eating disorder that may be potentially dangerous causing you a continuous battle within. With hypnotherapy, these thoughts can be transformed to support a healthy lifestyle.

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