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We offer a Complimentary Obligation 30min free phone consultation Your Inner Power YOUR EXPERIENCED THERAPIST SPECIALISES IN STRESS/ANXIETY, STOP SMOKING WEIGHT LOSS, PHOBIAS, THERAPIES FOR NDIS CLIENTS. Helping you with techniques for mind integration through counselling, art therapy and hypnosis.

LIFESTYLE ISSUES EATING DISORDERS SMOKING OR ALCOHOL HABITS OR ADDICTION ANGER OR DEPRESSION CONFIDENCE CHILD BEHAVIOURS SLEEP UNEXPECTED LIFE EVENTS HEALTH ISSUES STRESS & ANXIETY GRIEF & LOSS CAREER CHALLENGES RELATIONSHIP ISSUES PAIN & ILLNESS FERTILITY Do you have goals/intentions for your health and well-being, finances and relationships? Do you know how to reach those goals or are you just hoping what you do will work out? Or perhaps you need help for someone in your family.

Learn how Mindlink Hypnotherapy works to empower your mind to help you create a positive healthy lifestyle. About Cathy Rodwell MEd CHT HH Dip (A.Th). Have you ever wondered what is hidden beneath the surface of your thoughts? Cathy Rodwell has a track record of helping people achieve positive and long-lasting change

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • 1K+ Happy Clients

What Services We Provide

Anxiety and Stress


You have the potential to become greater than you have ever been, it is a matter of changing your future to one of joy and achievement.

Those who live with stress and anxiety are often living under a veil of experiences that impact on their body systems. You can change that by quickly reshaping your life experience by using hypnotherapy as a means of talking to the subconscious mind. Your therapist will reformulate your conditioned sub-consious thoughts which have been implanted by experiences (in most cases) from many years prior, that are not beneficial to your health and wellbeing. With a changed pattern of thought, resolutions come easily.

Cathy has helped many people completely change their lives, away from panic and hysteria, into control and satisfaction.

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Eating Disorders

“The shocking truth about diets- that you must know if you want to lose weight!”

the missing piece of the puzzle is finally revealed… If you are sick and tired of trying every type of diet and depriving yourself of the food you enjoy, only to stack the weight back on again, then I expect by now, that you're screaming inside for some answers. You see, it’s all very well for personal trainers and diet companies to go on about eating less and exercising more, but what they are not telling you is why it is not working for you. The answer may surprise you, let me explain….

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Quit Smoking

Clients stop smoking after the first session without the side effects felt from other programs. As part of the package, Cathy offers a second session to support clients should unresolved issues eventuate. “People self-medicate with smoking. They use it as a coping mechanism. I help my clients uncover their personal reasons to have developed the habit in the first place. This is an individual personalised approach, different to those offering group hypnosis with a recording that everyone listens to without privacy and subject to distraction . At times it is important to release blockages prior to doing the freedom from smoking session. Its like having the preparation in place before you do the painting on your wall. Get it right the first time.”

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Help for Children

You may ask how is it that Cathy can offer help for adults and also works with children?

Many therapists in the field of hypnotherapy only specialise in helping adults. Hypnotherapy is well recognised as an alternative to resorting to medication for health issues, and re-known for its use in dealing with addiction and phobias. Cathy has an extensive background with over 30 years experience teaching in schools. She has specialised in early childhood, special needs, and in guidance and counselling children and families.

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