Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & Stress


You have the potential to become greater than you have ever been, it is a matter of changing your future to one of joy and achievement.

Those who live with stress and anxiety are often living under a veil of experiences that impact on their body systems. You can change that by quickly reshaping your life experience by using hypnotherapy as a means of talking to the subconscious mind. Your therapist will reformulate your conditioned sub-consious thoughts which have been implanted by experiences (in most cases) from many years prior, that are not beneficial to your health and wellbeing. With a changed pattern of thought, resolutions come easily.

Cathy has helped many people completely change their lives, away from panic and hysteria, into control and satisfaction.


“I found welcome relief for anxiety and depression….
I took the courageous step of seeking help with my anxiety and depression issues. I’d picked up one of Cathy’s leaflets while at the doctors, and finally made the call. My reluctance was not based on fear of counselling or other therapy, but a fear of having to relive moments and incidents that had contributed to the situation in which I found myself feeling “broken”, useless and very tearful.
Cathy welcomed me at the door with a warm smile and a welcome that reassured me that I’d come to a safe place where I could be myself, be heard, and where my already shattered self-seteem would not be further degraded. Cathy listened with empathy as I told her of the unravelling of career and my confidence in myself. She offered insights that came from a position of objectivity, enabling me to gain a better perspective of myself and the demise of my career and to acknowledge that responsibility that I’d assumed as mine really belonged to others.

In our subsequent appointments, Cathy has led me through hypnotherapy sessions which have been successful in allowing me to give much less or no, consideration to previous stressors. By including Cathy’s therapies in a holistic approach to improving my mental health, my feelings of self-worth and my self-esteem are now much more positive. I would urge anyone looking to address issues in their life to see Cathy and explore the skills that she has to offer.
When I read testimonials, I ofter wonder whether they are real or contrived. I invite you to contact Cathy and ask her to put me in touch with you if you would like to validate this testimonial.” ~ M.F Bongaree.

Another One of Cathy’s Glowing Client Comments

Hi Cathy, thanks for all your help I feel good. Here is my story.
I had been having severe anxiety and panic attacks for two months due to work stress. Medication from my GP made my symptoms worse and I was struggling to sleep 4 hours a night. Then someone recommended I see Cathy and have hypnotherapy. After one session I slept through the night and felt so much better. After three sessions I felt confident, clear and ready to return to work in a office. I didn’t suffer any panic attacks or anxiety when I returned to work and my insomnia has disappeared. The sessions are relaxing and cleansing.
Thank you Cathy for helping me get myself back. ~ Fiona, Caboolture

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