Hypnosis vs Counselling Alone

Hypnosis vs Counselling Alone

Are you wondering what will help you overcome your anxiety, fears or addictions? Like many people you may have tried lots of different ways to help yourself. Maybe you have visited counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists for years, and made little or no progress. Frustrating, isn’t it?
Doctors want you to follow their advice and many of the health care supported processes barely scratch the surface. Do pharmaceutical drugs work for you? Like many you might be fed up with the side effects, or unwilling to jump on that treadmill because you would rather find something natural to help.

Therapies related to the subconscious mind have developed over the years. Freud made out the subconscious mind to be like a garbage can for all our scandalous desires and fears. A modern perspective understands the resourcefulness of the subconscious mind. Neuroplasticity is the notion that new brain pathways can replace damaged ones and that the brain has the capability to re-learn. When science eventually worked that out it proved what hypnotherapists already used to get incredible results – happier, better-adjusted people.

Treatment methods used by Psychologists and Counsellors focus on conscious mind talk therapy. This may be effective in bringing intellectual insights, and encouraging healthy behaviours, however insight does not automatically allow a problem to dissolve. Intellectually you may know where your phobia or flashbacks have come from, but rarely does this actually help, because the programming lies in the subconscious mind.

Encouraging endless reflection may also create more depression or trauma. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapy that makes use of the natural slowed brain rhythm state to bring forth a person’s inner resourcefulness. Each person has the answers within, and my task is to allow answers to come forward, while encouraging a new healthy self perspective.

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