Inspire Yourself – Think Beautiful Positive Thoughts

Inspire Yourself – Think Beautiful Positive Thoughts

Imagine this….

You have two seeds to plant in the soil. One is corn, the other is Deadly Nightshade (the name says it all). The soil doesn’t care which you plant, and which you tend to….even if you let weeds grow – it doesn’t care.

Now if the soil is your mind – imagine what results you will get because you literally reap what you sow!
WHAT EVER you imagine, you attract because your mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined experience (like your fear of losing your job) or the fact that really your job is secure, but you worry a lot about everything!
Try this….

Imagine biting into a lemon. If you area like most people, you will start to salivate and swallow, and your lips will probably curl up at the thought. Your subconscious mind didn’t know the difference between fact and imagination did it?

to replace negative with positive thoughts
NEVER to put yourself down, or accept put downs from others (your trillions of cells hear what you tell them)
Write down your goal and look at it daily
IMAGINE yourself and your life how you would like it to be – remember your subconscious doesn’t know the difference

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