Secrets to Wind Down and Manage Stress.

Secrets to Wind Down and Manage Stress.

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How can you wind down to manage stress?

The one thing you can control is the way you think. Stress is not all bad; in fact stress is part of your internal motivation.

Observe your thoughts. Are they positive or negative?

Many of us are constantly bombarded with mindless chatter from self-talk (I call it the babbler).

Do you get any rest from your babbler? Moments of quiet equate to inner peace. Gaps without thought even for a few seconds will give your mind some relief. With practice you can increase this break in thinking and when you do, you will find you are well on your way to happiness. After all, peace and happiness are what we ultimately desire – would you agree?

Cathy Rodwell.

Cathy presents regular seminars on various self-help topics.

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