We are what we think – Food for thought!

We are what we think – Food for thought!

What have you been thinking about lately? What do you feed your mind?

Unfortunately much of our entertainment is laced with death and destruction. Our subconscious does not sort out fact from fiction, and when we constantly bombard ourselves with fear based programs or information, some of it filters in. Repetition is the way we establish our memory, and this is part of the reason studies have shown how desensitized we become to destructive thought patterns when we are exposed to violence. Children have lower brain wave states than adults, leaving them with little defence and extremely susceptible to this kind of “brain food”. Worth thinking about?

Cathy Rodwell. www.mindlinkhypnotherapy.com.au

Cathy presents regular seminars on various self-help topics at The Caboolture Hub. Contact Caboolture Hub for bookings for these upcoming events:

“Stress Management” 7/11/13 6.00pm – 7.30pm, “Weight Loss” 23/11/13 10.00am – 11.30am.

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