Eating Disorders Symptoms Can Harm Women During Pregnancy

Eating Disorders Symptoms Can Harm Women During Pregnancy

Eating Disorders Symptoms Can Harm Women During Pregnancy

It’s a great feeling when women become pregnant. It’s all about loads of emotional changes. Well, this is certainly exciting but this is the time when women lose control of their bodies. This often leads to bodily dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating behaviours. If you can determine the eating disorders symptoms at the earliest, things can change to the better side.

Eating Disorders

There are different types of eating disorders and some of them are bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge-eating disorders. Most of the women get affected by these eating disorders. The factors are complex and can occur at any time during pregnancy. Most of the psychological underpinnings relate to negative body image. As per the experts, a woman’s body changes that are not necessarily in control, when pregnant. Even if someone is able to achieve a healthy weight, pregnancy can lead to complications with eating disorders.

New Challenges During Pregnancy

Eating Disorders Symptoms During Pregnancy
Eating Disorders Symptoms During Pregnancy

To determine the conditions of eating disorders during pregnancy, experts conducted several types of research all over the world including women across the United Kingdom, The United States and South Africa. From these researches, a key finding emerged. This is, women who struggled with eating disorders during pregnancy, felt experiencing a new type of illness. They were battling new types of challenges, changes, feelings, and behaviours. These weren’t there before becoming pregnant.

In such cases, it is suggested getting in touch with the experts who treat eating disorders in Queensland. Women usually feel dissatisfied with their bodies as the changes are completely new. Gaining weight is a common problem during these phases and most of them complained of bulky bodies or clothes which are no longer fit on their bodies. Some of the common words they used were distressed, anxious, stressed, panic, difficulties, and hatred about their bodies.

Healthy Strategies for Difficult Emotions

Pregnancy puts lots of pressure on a woman’s body especially when it comes to becoming slim or having toned body. A woman’s biggest fear is her anxiety derived from improper body image and things that are happening relating to her body. The entire scenario makes her feel like losing control over her body. The loss of control is not just from changing bodily functions but also from eating disorders. Therefore, the key step here is to find a healthy strategy for managing emotions that are difficult to control. Remember, eating disorders is caused by improper emotions, so women need to control them. Exercising and good food selection can lead to numb the feelings or decrease the emotional pain. For many, pregnancy led to battles between the choices of eating disorders and the intense desire of protecting the unborn.

The path during pregnancy can be simplified when consulting your difficulties with a wellness program expert. Make sure that he or she deals with eating disorders in Bribie Island. The treatment process is completely holistic and it’s all about controlling your mind according to the bodily changes. Enjoy your days of pregnancy and give you’re a healthy birth.

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